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I’ve joined a start up doing design, animation, UI and a heck of a lot of other things! We’re still figuring it all out, but hopefully, with some luck, it’s gonna be cool! Watch this space for updates.

Commander Cluck – iPhone Game

I wrote, developed, directed and co-produced an (endless runner) iphone game about a Space Rooster who squishes Aliens.
I had producing help from Kiran Rao, and code development help from Mike Chiaburu and X-dev Studios.

Want to Play it?
Commander Cluck is on the iTunes Store here.

Animation Demo Reel

A selection of work in Animation, Game Design, Direction, and Previs. 2004 – 2012


Magnetism – Short Film

Magnetism was my MFA thesis film from the Academy of Art University. It played in over 60 festivals around the world, earning 3 awards and distribution on Nickelodeon and Atom Films.

Feature Films

As a previsualization artist for Fox Cinedev, Proof, Digital Domain and The Third Floor, I have worked on teams to develop shots for a number of high budget feature films.

Previs uses 3D animation to “conceptualize” the look and feel of shots. This helps determine production strategy and cost estimation. I had a ton of fun playing with virtual action figures, and blowing up stuff in the computer.

You can view my resume of feature films here.


Nyetoon – Demo Reel 2009 from Nye Warburton on Vimeo.

As a cartoonist and writer, I’ve had development deals with Fox and Comedy Central, in addition to a few independent productions.

I maintain a regular comic blog at Nyetoon.

  • Game Company

    Game Company

  • Commander Cluck – iPhone Game

    Commander Cluck – iPhone Game

  • Animation Demo Reel

    Animation Demo Reel

  • Magnetism – Short Film

    Magnetism – Short Film

  • Feature Films

    Feature Films

  • Cartoons




• Concept and Story

• Mechanic Development

• Engagement Strategy

• Level Design

• Balancing

• “Make Fun”


• Concept Art

• Character Design

• Style Guides

• Asset Pipeline

• Optimization

• “Make Cool”

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• Traditional/2D Animation

• 3D Animation

• Character Animation

• Direction

• FX

• “Make Awesome”



• My Resume (PDF)

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Hello, my name is Nye and, when I was a kid, I built transforming robots out of Lego.

I have my BFA from UPENN , and a MFA from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

In 2004, I made a film about the problem of like-polarity robots who fall in love. Magnetism earned me my MFA, won  awards, played in international film festivals, and landed me in the animation industry. I have worked for Electronic Arts, Sony Imageworks, Fox, Blur, Proof, Digital Domain and  The Third Floor.  I’ve worked on a number of  big budget feature films.

As a content creator, I have landed three development deals; two in cartoon animation and one in iphone/game development.

For the last two years I’ve been working with start ups to create games and creative networks. It’s an exciting time for innovation, so drop me a line if you are in need of some creative direction for your awesome ideas! I’m really really interested in how gamification can help education and health.

And if you are a student or aspiring animator, don’t be shy! Ask me questions, I love teaching and helping out driven people.




Nye Warburton

1815 Morton Ave, Apt 102

Los Angeles, CA, 90026

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nye (at) animatd (dot) com

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